Nice Cassette?

by LaserDisc Whores

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[its a me, mario]
no its not, its me I robot
custom robo - life of hobo
Russian federation kill your generation
I captcha very verification
On that heat niner heat niner
leaning in the recliner
… chair
Lego land bitch take me there
On that game by rare

stick my dick inside a dish washer
click clack pisswaser

hot spice margarita
berlin wife beater

I rember you face
An I kerble u space
[fuck that noise]
Fuck will and grace

Tall glass of bitch ass
Got that green green grass
on that green greens kirby space
adventure ass fucking memes stick
my dick inside a
crispy FUCK YOU

Fuck the snake
I got masking tape
We got dads who vape
And they roll the pape

Saxton hale hun,
Forget the nailgun
I’m a sail hun
I’m a whale chum

catch my boy niall eating oxocubes
catch me eating macdonalds on the tube

semi colon
D O, roll-on
Me o morron

haven't got a radio inside my car
instead i've got brink on a VCR
i drive real hard and i drive real far
i put my dick inside a marmite jar
love it or hate it it gets real hard
and its the jap name for charizard

doctor wiley slyly puts his dick inside
mileycyrus like dyrus playing league of legends
on papyrus paper

smoking like egyptian vapour

can't really do it wrong
i remember the name it was lizardon

pull out that rare cravat like chris pratt
in your ear like every fucking movie right now

wipe that sweat off my brow
man a tc cow? and i see how
suck my spock cock
???improvised we dont know what he said???

moo moo meadows and these cows like
and the sheep like
and i meant like farm and i meant like

laserdisc whores in your local stores
dropping amibo in your fucking drawers
running games on n64's like
mount and blade napoleonic wars

like nice cartridge cold mario kart fridge
cold suspension bridge on that....



released August 3, 2015
Instrumental - Snipars Niall
Vocals - Strontiummuffin Rory
Lyrics - Mostly Strontiummuffin Rory



all rights reserved


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